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Nova aplicação do jornal Observador

Nova aplicação do jornal Observador

A nova aplicação do jornal digital Observador, a versão 3.0, foi lançada hoje com muitas novidades e uma nova imagem. A hellodev orgulha-se por estar envolvida neste processo do desenvolvimento da nova aplicação do Observador para iOS, que tem como objectivo ser a melhor aplicação de notícias do panorama nacional.

Com um design simples, minimalista e focado na informação ao leitor, a nova aplicação permite uma melhor navegação pelas notícias, destacando-se as novas funcionalidades:

– Acesso rápido às últimas e às notícias mais populares;
– Melhor experiência de navegação nas fotogalerias;
– Possibilidade de ativar uma push com notícias de última hora ou sempre que o seu autor favorito escrever um artigo;
– Alertas personalizados em tempo real para os temas que mais lhe interessam;
– Área Best Of com o melhor conteúdo produzido durante a semana;
– Leitura offline de artigos guardados na App ou no site;
– Novo sistema de comentários integrado com o site;
– Podcasts;
– Histórico dos artigos;
– Tamanho de letra personalizável;
– Modo poupança de dados.

A hellodev foi uma das empresas parceiras escolhida para dar seguimento ao desenvolvimento da aplicação e apoiar na manutenção e melhoramentos para os ambientes iOS e Android.

Faça já o download!

WooManager – Manage your WooCommerce Store

WooManager – Manage your WooCommerce Store

Our company hellodev just released its most recent iOS app called WooManager – Manage your WooCommerce Store. An app that enables you to run your WooCommerce on-line store comfortably from your iPhone, list orders to products, checkout clients and a look at a beautiful Dashboard with your sales stats and latest infos. This first release is for iOS, coming up is Android, due by end of November.

Taking into consideration the platform’s rapid growth, we think that, according to the current offer, it was obvious that there should be a decent app for running your business right from the palm of your hand. The app is free to download, to unlock special features you can subscribe for as little as 0,99 € per month, which unlocks this:

– Being able to add more than 1 store
– Receive push notifications (new order, order status change, product’s low stock alert, weekly sales and monthly sales)
– Search inside clients, orders and products
– Change order status
– Add order notes

The app needs it’s companion plugin to communicate with your website, which is added through a QR code generated by the plugin (no need to enter login data) or through manually adding your website’s credentials. Already available at WordPress’s plugin directory.

Your feedback is important to us, so we can make this app even better and solve unexpected plugins. Should you need to contact us, you can drop as a line at

New CodaCanyon release: WPAPP – Full WordPress News App for iOS

New CodaCanyon release: WPAPP – Full WordPress News App for iOS

We have launched several products in CodeCanyon from Envato, exclusively for WooCommerce®, but today we present a product released for iOS which also involves WordPress.

WPAPP is a full native iOS application for the iPhone or iPod touch that has been built to easily connect to a WordPress Blog / Magazine for people who want to offer their users a professional iPhone App for reading the posts.

This app is very easy to understand and to tweak, it’s written in Swift 2.0 and compatible with iOS 8 / 9. It uses an universal plugin called WP REST API that is going to merge into WordPress core this December and that is available for now for free on the WordPress Plugin Directory. This app allows you to show posts, images and information about the author. Support for other type of information will be gradually added. It also uses two open source libraries called Alamofire (to handle the communication with your server) and ObjectMapper (that helps to get the WordPress models translated to their Swift equivalents) added through pods included in the zip file.


– Load posts from any WordPress blog (version 4.0 or newer)
– Loads images asynchronously in different sizes and stores them in a simple cache system built in for faster loading
– Gets content and excerpt correctly from WordPress by stripping more complicated HTML tags and keeping line tags
– Extensions to easily configure the look and feel of the app
– A communications layer that is easy to understand and to expand
– Very easy to expand and integrate with existing apps

If you need more information please do not hesitate to contact us through

SafeCloud Photos on Kickstarter

SafeCloud Photos on Kickstarter

We’re very proud to announce our first project on Kickstarter, SafeCloud Photos, a carefully engineered platform for secure data storage and data sharing. It relies on innovative and astonishingly elegant mechanisms to provide proven, perfect data privacy. A beautifully crafted photo app that allows you to privately store your photos in your favorite cloud providers.

SafeCloud has a diverse team with people from both the industry and the academia and most of them hold a PhD. We’re partners at University of Minho in Portugal and with a team in Switzerland, contributing to the first stage with our expertise in developing photography related mobile apps.

Take a look at the project’s detail at Kickstarter to get more information. Help us out to take this project to the next level. Oh, and if you have any questions about it please feel free to contact us!