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Big project for WordPress: the plugin WooCommerce® Warehouses

Big project for WordPress: the plugin WooCommerce® Warehouses

We recently launched a product for WooCommerce® users, filling a platform gap identified by many of our customers and WordPress users with online store around the globe. Since its launch in early October, the acceptance of the plugin has been very positive and new features will be developed, resulting in new versions of the plugin. It is a project which makes us very proud, not only for its acceptance but also for the contacts we made that let us take our company’s name further and disseminate Portuguese products.

The WooCommerce® Warehouses plugin has the ability to manage stock that are stored in different locations, like warehouses. By creating multiple warehouses you can manage the inventory of your product automatically, also by establishing stock usage priorities.

This plugin works alongside your existing WooCommerce® store by adding a new option in the product configuration screen, inside the existing Inventory option, extending its features.

You don’t need to subscribe to any other 3rd party services, it is a standalone solution, to work exclusively alongside WooCommerce.

This plugin adds the following features to WooCommerce: multiple warehouses, stock management, stock movement log, warehouse to warehouse stock transfer, stock usage priorities by warehouse (global and per item priorities), backend orders with warehouse stock usage, handles both products and product variations.

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