WordCamp Europe 2015 in Seville

WordCamp Europe 2015 in Seville

WordCamp Europe 2015 in Seville

It was the first time that we at hellodev took part of a WordCamp Europe, this time around in Seville, Spain, for its third edition. We’ve been weeks before in Lisbon, also for the first time in our country’s version of the WordCamp.

The first immediate conclusion we can take is that it was a truly amazing event and that we were very lucky we could attend it. Not only for the quality of the speakers, the fabulous organization and the beautiful venue, but also because of the 1000+ attendees who made this years edition a very special one and enriched the event by enabling everyone to contact with people around the whole world.

As for the talks themselves, we bring home an enriched technical knowledge and were truly inspired by great developers, entrepreneurs and business managers, who shared their experiences and stories and gave us the chance to connect with them and asks questions and also share our own experience.

Some important announcements were made in Sevilla, like the plans for adding to WordPress’s core an e-commerce solution that will be the game changer for commercial sites, and also that WordPress is highly focused in making the platform the most secure platform in the world. It is now responsible for 28% of the Internet’s websites and those announcements are very exciting to hear.

At the end we are even more certain that WordPress is a winning platform with a great expansion rate and that isn’t going to stop anywhere near soon. We are very excited of the times ahead and are today even more capable of giving our clients the best solution for their business.

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